Friday, December 14, 2012

A little hello/b-day

Have it been that long since I blogged? Just playing FB way too long. I am just about had it.

Today is My b-day and I just turned another year older. Hince shall I say younger? LOL
As some of you follow my sister's blog then you know who I am Donna and my sister K brought us dinner for me and our folks.

Here I am .

Don't worry I still come here. I got too much to catch up. 

I really had a terrible year. 2012 did not gave any of us any luck and hopefully in 2013 will.
My sisters both had been in so much healths this year and as well as my dad. He is still stable with his Parkinson's disease. He has up and downs. Mom did too. She just hanging in there as the rest of us..
Truly I have been picking up cooking to help my mom.
In Dad;s case, we finally getting some help from the NA from the VA ( Veteran's Affairs). Didn;t know they will provide help at all. Should've known years ago. It really taking some time to get where we need helps.

Myself, well, I am getting frustrated some time to time and I an still in my reading sessions. I am being tutored to get my grades up. My Math is good just the reading in the 7th grade level. Which is better than 2nd. We'll see how that goes next year when I take the test again. I do have reading comprehensions and just don't get the main idea. With the tutor I have who was a retired teacher/nun. She is really good. Told me what and where I have problems. The facts and opinions and what the words clue that I need to look for.I also have problems how to write small summary.In the meantime I am just going to hang in there. That all we can do. Go with the flow.

Have a good weekend and I will post some more soon..

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!-Mosaic Monday

This week I will be challenging with Mary at

This is my first time that I believe.. So sure to join in on the fun.
Happy New Year!