Saturday, February 27, 2010

Color Carnival#39 Candy sweethearts ♥♥♥

It's Color Carnival challenge #39. Come and join the fun. Here is mine. Candy sweethearts. Just ready to eat one and got me this idea before I do. NO, I didn't eat one. Too hard.LOL

I guess I'll be bumming around today. Can't go anywhere.We did get some snow but as much as Eastern New York. So glad we didn't.That why I am on the pc.LOL. Maybe watch some more Olympic coverage. Have a good day and weekend.Photobucket

Until next time.Nancy

Thursday, February 25, 2010

January sunset photos and misc.

♥Hello again.
I just came across these photos on my camera and since I didn't have the PC and internet connection. I took these just before we had our last blizzard in the second or third week of January. We also haven't see the sun all winter until that time. Now we had quite a few sunny days this month(Feb) and it was shining yesterday early in the day. I decide I'll post these now. We were supposed have a winter effect here in western NY and the storm really didn't come. I think it'll be here tonight going into tomorrow.:( ♥*(I still love the snow) That is my little icons..LOL.
I didn't go to school either. The road is slippery and my mom won't drive in these weather conditions. Oh well. It is free to go. I am not complaining. I just had that kind of day to goofed off.LOL. We are having homemade minestrone soup..YUMMY!:) Got to love comfort foods.
Everybody is doing fine. I feel like I have to get out eventually and I am so glad that I went to the pharmacy and school yesterday.
In the meantime enjoy your days and stay warm!



final sunset


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Color Carnival: Apple tree


I decide to play along with Martha at Color Carnival. This week she had a picture that a student had painted, I remember my best friend made me this canvas photo from a card that I asked her to paint. At that time she was at art school at a local college. She is good! I known her since grammar school and we're still "Best Buds." I completely forgot about it when I came across it. Yes, I need to hang it. Someday I will. I also think its "MONET". So, here is the rule and have fun. Here is my "Color Carnival."

Welcome to the Color Carnival!
The rules here at the Color Carnival are simple - there are no rules!
Well, only one - your photo must be a photo you have taken yourself or have permission to post, other than that it's all up for your own colorful interpretation.
A new Color Carnival is posted every Friday promptly at 6pm EST. You can play any time all week long until the following Friday at 5:59pm when Inlinkz linky will close.
Bring over your colorful photos and play along with Martha's blog...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Community Photo Challenge:Tree


This month's challenge is TREE or TREES, whether it is one unique tree or a small grouping, find an image that includes trees. The tree or trees should be the main subject. You can post more than one photo on your blog, but when you come back to this blog select your favorite to post on our new system. You can go here to play along.

The Challenge starts Feb.15th & ends on March 15th




PS some of you might have seen these before. I haven't really get out this winter and take photos,so I look into my old archives. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympics and etc.


Wednesday Evening:
I went downstairs after I signed off the PC and watch the snowboarding event. My belly went up and down like that feeling when you ride the roller coaster and meet the drop and you feel the tickle. Well, that how I felt when Shaun White did that high-jump. Needless to say, I think he did well and after the other competers didn't that when I knew he going to win. I think he was anyway. I got to tell that I never thought I would watch this event. I am mostly the Figures Skating,all categories.Men, women, and pairs.
Have any of you watch The Olympics Coverage?I haven't seen anybody post in a while or they just rambling about their daily lives.LOL
Thursday Evening:
I did watch some events in the afternoon too. I had to watch and see Evan Lysecak( I hope I spelled it right) lol. I sure had a feeling he was going for the gold or he would get silver. PHEW! He did.. I stayed up until 12:13 A.M. UGH! I never stayed up that late since the holidays.Okay, I am trying to catch up and hopefully I will go in on the Blogger's Challenge-TREE..I know I got a lot of autumn photos and I love the winter but since I move toward the city, I don't have no trees. That's okay, I don't want to rake those leaves anymore. I may have to go to a park to take photos. In the meantime,leaves are better.Especially colored♥
I can't believe we're in the middle of February already and it Friday and star our first Friday of Lent.
Mom and Dad are doing good as well as the rest of the family.My youngest niece stopped by today and she stayed and have cheese broccoli soup. YUMMY! It was nice to see her,we haven't seen her since the New Year. She is a busy beaver, school and working at a school.
well that all folks.Take care and enjoy the Olympics.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Do you rember this love scene?

It was November 17.1981 and I was in junior high when this wedding going on the soap. The memorable Luke and Laura from General Hospital. It was also the year that Prince Charles and Lady Diane got married too. Just want to share..Have a great week.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Misc. Happy St. Valentine's Day♥♥♥


I want say"Happy St. Valentine's Day." to everyone. I hope you all will enjoy your day. I know I will. We are having steak, lobster tail along with vegetables. I can't believe it's here already. Its seems like we just finish Christmas.

The weather here in WNY is still cold. Snow fallen here and there. Just tapering off. I notice some of you had more snow than I did all winter. The only time we had a lot of snow was early mid-January.

In the meantime Mom and Dad are doing good. Dad hasn't fall as much he did after the holidays. That's a good thing. I went back to school this week. Just to let you know that I go to a Free GED program here in NY. I did got my HS diploma, I was in Special Ed class. I did not learned alot of stuffs such as The Civil War, Lewis and Clark Expeditions, Algebra, and Geometry. There are other Arithmetic that I didn't learn. Yes, I am doing good in math but my reading skill is still low. I'm hanging in there.

Now, I'm watching TV and getting ready to watch the Olympics. How did you guys like the Cerenony or did any of you watched? I am off for now and everybody have a good day tomorrow.
PS I want to thanks Chris for the tags. I just found these in my archives.



Monday, February 8, 2010

My new toy :


As some of you have follow me on FB you know what I am talking about. U got it a laptop! I love it and I can stay in my bedroom and take it in another room in a house. I had been wanting one for a while and here it is. I am online talking and typing my lifa away..LOL.♥ I love this little feature that I found from Guido on FB. I also got a letter monogram from my niece for Christmas along with a velux blanket and a scrapbook. I started that this past week and I got my Letchworth NAtional Park that is in my November 2008 entry. I also put Pesqu Isle photos in there too. I miss scrapbooking, I haven't done any think last spring. When I did my sister benefits party photos. I will keep that one as a separate book from the other photos.
In the meantime, I did have a nice Christmas last year. It went so fast didn't it. I miss posting some cute tags in here and now Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year is coming up. I try not to snag too many tags from Donna or Sugar. They both do nice tags. I do like Missie and CabCreations as well. So, I will post my laptop here and I will keep you all up to date. Take care!



PS that photo is from Gateway. Not mine.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Got it and I'm back:

Well hello everybody,

Just to say that I am back and feeling better. Now that I got a new toy..Donna and I went to the store and got the laptop that I always wanted. I also had my other sister with us as well. I got so excited that I can't sleep.LOL I guess we all do that. I am a little tired and just so sunny out there and some snow in the forecast. I do need to catch up on some of the bloggers but that'll be a while. My PC is Navy blue and a Gateway window7. I really haven't play with my new pc other stuffs but it will be there when I get to its. So in the meantime I am writing this short and I will keep you all up to date. Take care!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Where did the time go?


I am sitting here at D's house writing this entry. I am going laptop shopping and Donna is taking me. Keeping fingers crossed. I have no clue what to buy or else. I got an add for Bestbuy our local store and they have a Gateway laptop on sale. I don't know if this is what I want and we're going to check it out and see. I do want a bigger GB and hard drives for my photos. I guess our pc is shocked, I guess we'll look one up for Dad too.. I can't stand it anymore. I just don't get it either.

In the meantime everybody is doing fine. I took time off from school to help mom out and dad as well. He is hanging in there. After Christmas he had been falling quite a bit. He haven't done any in a while.
In the meantime I hope I'll get that laptop. I am excited and it will be my belated Christmas/birthday combos. I hope I get too. I think the frustrations will be over too. UGH!
Weather had been so cold here in western NY. last week was in the lower teens and single digits numbers-as well. Now it is a heatwave of 33degrees.(whoo hoo)! We got a lot of snow last week and still on the ground. Icy too!
So, hope everyone we'll do well and keep those fingers cross for me and I will be back before you know it. Take care!