Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kids Swimming and have friends over:

We'd been busy with our outdoors. Its been nice for a few days in the upper 70's and mid-80's. Kids been over for the last two days. Can you blame them? Finally we got some nice days and no rain until today. It did rain hard at lunch time. I was so bored that I end up cleaning my folder from school. There is summer school and its start Tues. I wasn't planning going in and just play around. I know the weather won't be great this week but I really going to try to take some time off. I told the teacher/instructer that if it's nice, I won't be in.
In the meantime,I think I will hang around with my g/fs this week. I did have them over yesterday for lunch. I did it for the last minute and end up buying pizza anyway. It was nice. One of my girlfriends son is in summer school. Kids for special needs. She had to leave early. However my other g/f and her husband stayed for another hour. They left just in time before my niece came over with the kids. I did have a good time and I will do it again next month. Keeping fingers cross. I want to have them over for dinner with all their hubbies. Since I don't have one, I really want to enjoy summer as much as I can. Other than just family fun. Okay! Maybe a little harsh on that one, but I do love my friends too. I knew the two g/f from grammar school and they knew each others from my b-day sleepover in high school. We had a blast those days.
Well be off for now and I will post those kids on blogger soon. So, have a good weekend until next time. Take care!


Missie said...

Love your new background!

We finally have some beautiful weather here in PA. Sunny and not too hot! It's about time! LOL

Have a good week.

Martha said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my MYM post. Hope you continue to have a great summer!