Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What have I been doing?

Oh goodness! Has it been that long since I haven't blog. Not that I really do..LOL. I had been so busy and crazy with my parents and brother. My brothe had surgery a few weeks ago. It was juat one day. He is doing okay, I will post about it another time .IN the meantime, Mom is doing better as well as my Dad himself. I'd been busy with school and now I got to write a book report.
I haven't done a book report in 24 yrs. UGH! Its on the day of history. Nov. 13. There were a several topics and I have to choose one of them. I think I will pick the Holland Tunnel. That is on the Hudson River going into New Jersey. About a fire. I ended looking some informations and I have to read it and do the homework. I will probably do that tomorrow. I don't know I will write it on the same day.So, in the meantime wish my luck..LOL.
I also decided to go back on my power walking from my video and get in another small size. I bought a gorgeous dress for my second cousin's wedding. I love it and its feels so good to be in a dress that i would like. It is black low cut v-neck and a kinda twisted gathering at hip with a stone button. I am so thrilled with and the best part it was on sale for about $45 from a $200 dress. I was amazed. I thought it wiil be about $60 and the final marked down was lower. Lucky me..LOL Got to love those sales.. Now, I got to look for jewelry and a purse to match. Ran out steam that day. Did I tell you that my mom, sisters and I went shopping two weeks ago? It was a blast and went out to TGIFriday's for an appetizer. We were going to have dinner soon we got home but ended up being so full. That why I decided to go on th diet or at least watch what I eat. I really don't diet for that matter.
It was so crazy that I didn't even post something of my sister. Who passed two years ago on the seventh. I didn't mean to do that but since my mom fell everything just went from one things to another. We all do misses her very much and I didn't toallu forgot her because we were thinking about her all the times. LOVE you big sister.

Okay, I think I am going to get off and get some sleep. SO, until next time.

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Happy Thanksgiving, Nancy