Friday, August 27, 2010

Pink Saturday: This and that.

I got this little big along with two bigger ones. Purple and aquamarine from Avon. Gotta love it.
Here I find my two wallets One is bigger than the other..

DId I say bigger? Maybe filled with$$$$$$ LOL

I won this at raffle party. I can't find the rest of them.


I got my great niece's present ready for tomorrow. Her
Birthday is really on Sunday, she'll be 7.
No, I did not buy her something from Victoria'a Secret fot a little girl..LOL
I just like pink as much she does..

I got this rose bag from a flea market in FLorida. Its got three zipper from side to side so you can
expand it. I use it if I were meeting someone and grab a book/folder etc. Pretty handy little thing.HUH?

Just gone on me that I have this little tissue box and drawers set for the bathroom.
As you can see that I took all my photo on my bed. I got the beddings from Domestications.

Now I showed you all my little bags for Pink Saturday. I sure got my pink today. Come on over and join in with me at Beverly's HOW SWEET THE SOUNDS. BE sure  to check in on my pinkY friends.


Annesphamily said...

Nancy I love the posty today! Cool pinks and that bag is amazing! HPS to you and make suere oyu check out the video on kellee's blog. Hugs Anne

Jacqueline said...

Love the wallet collection! The leopard print with the roses is really cute. Fun pinks.

Tawnya said...

I totally remember those Avon bags from when I sold it. I sold a few of those because they were so handy with the different sizes for different things... I have just gotten back to liking pink, I think that because my mom tried to dress me in pink all the time when I was younger I really developed a hate for the color, but not really anymore because I can control it now... LOL.

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Nancy. Thank you for making Pink Saturday special, and for taking part in this day of celebration and thanks.

I am so loving that pink rose bag. It is gorgeous.

I'm still hoping to reach my goal of 200 comments by midnight tonight.

Anonymous said...

ooooooh I love the rose bag. Very very pretty. I'm here by way of phamily's blog. Glad to have found you. Stop by my blog for a chance to win a GIVEAWAY! Tammy

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Nancy Sweetie...
What a beautiful share this morning. I love it.

I too love bags, can never have to many of those. I change mine that I carry my lunch and all my daily goodies with me to work, at least 2 times a week. Love the wallets. (shhh don't tell anyone, but they are my biggest weakness.) I love the long one, it will hold more.

Your neice will love her pink bag whether it came from Victoria's Secret or not. The color is just perfect.

The rose bag is so pretty. Carpet bags are so durable and I love it that we can wash them, and they don't fall apart when we do. Mine have been passed around with the daughter and grand daughter's many times.

I love the pretty flowers on the bathroom set Nancy. Just so pretty.

Thank you for sharing with me today. I have so enjoyed myself.

Country hugs sweetie and so much love...Sherry