Saturday, October 11, 2014

Another year gone by..


  Happy Autumn!

  I have been away a long time and been keeping touch with friends on FB.

I also have been taking care of my parents.. Dad, yes he passed away in May. I been
taking care of mom right now, she have Dementia and still grieving that my dad been gone for
months. She just don't remember..It is so sad and hard.. I can't even go back to work because of all
this.. I hope I get back in blogger and try to keep up with everyone else's blog page. I can't. So many
followers to read. I will do my best to come back in..

For those of you know that I been trying to go back to school. I have been going
to see tutor for reading. My grade went up 2 since last year....Yay! Now I am working on
GED practice reading materials. Hope I can passed this.. It is hard. UGH! I been doing this for
years and I am not giving up.. I got this far and I am sticking to it..

Today I went to Hobby Lobby and bought two glass pumpkins and a pitcher.. I will post it later
during the week.. I really need to get out and I been stuck in my house like Cinderella. I did
some cleaning and cooking and just had to get out.

I will come back and thank you for stopping by..

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