Friday, May 22, 2009

My makeover party:

Last night I have a makeover party. I had a few friends came and of course my sisters and nieces. Its all started out since my two nieces have their party and I booked mine from my youngest niece. It was really a spa party for the beginning and I decided that I do the Hollywood makeover. The products are nice but little on the pricey side. I do love the facial stuffs and the body wash as well along with the foot care and lotions. I did ordered some eye shadows and blush. I really don't do a lot of makeups but only for occasion and work. Not that I am not working at the moment and trying to go back to school. I notice soon I took the make-up off my face and its feels really nice. Here are some photos.
Me in the before and after putting in the lipstick.
Pucker up BLOGGERS....
Me and my best friend that I known over 30 years..
My girlfriend, my two nieces and me..
Last photo are my two gorgeous nieces.
They looks like they can be twins..
If you are interested in the make-up and spa party this is the consultant Arbonne. Check the site out. Maybe you or someone you know might like it. So, far I do..
Have a good night.

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beachmom15 said...

Hi Nancy, It looks like you guys had fun. I've never had a makeover party before. Usually just the tupperware and princess house kind. I don't wear makeup. I don't have the time, but maybe I should!!!

Lisa (lisita15)