Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pool Reflections..

Hello, We had some great weather these past few days. Yesterday I took some photo of our pool. I love how the reflections turns out. Its look like I was taking picture of the sky, instead of the pool.LOL.. I love how its came out. Some of the photos look the same except I use a different format to enhance the picture. Actully I didn't think it'll turn out at all because it was a little breezy and the water was moving when I did the snapshot. Anyway, I did go in the pool last night, it wasn't too bad but on the cool side. It's is going to be in the mid 70's again today and I don't know me nieces and nephews will be over. They were here last night swimming. It is supposed to be in th low 70's tomorrow and cool Monday. I am off for now and everyone have a good day.


Sonya said...

I want to jump in!

Missy said...

I do love the way they turned out... It looks so refreshing!


Terri said...

Great pics..I want to jump in too!

I miss our pool...hoping to get another someday


Missie said...

It looks so inviting. Makes me want to jump in.