Friday, June 26, 2009

Sun, Rain and Roses.

I know I haven't blog in a while. We had a nice Father's Day with my Dad. He did fall on concrete in the backyard by pool. He had been doing this periodically and he is okay now. I guess its the sandal or just couldn't get his balance straight. I don't know but its happen quite regulary since up until a month ago. We had beautiful weather since until yesterday. Rain and thunderstorms sweeping the area with downpoured. UGH! I though we going to have great week. I just wish it'll go away. The pool is full of rain water. We need to pump it out again,or shall I say my brother will. The rose bush is from my sister when she was sick and my mom gave it to her. My BIL gave it back to my mom. Ain't it beautiful? I love how its came out on my camera. I do misses her very much. I can't believe its been a year and a half since she passed. SO, I am so greatful to have a good sisters and they all are great as well as my brothers and parents. So, I made a collage too. Have a great weekend and pray for some sunshine. I want to go back in the pool..LOL.


Missie said...

Storms on the way for us today too.

I sure hope your dad isn't falling anymore. He's been thru enough.

Enjoy your weekend.

Julie said...

Beautiful rose and I love the collage. They say balance is the first thing to go and you should practice your balance every day.

DB said...

A few years ago I was falling down frequently. I finally decided that maybe it was my shoes. So I changed shoes and stopped falling.

DB The Vagabond

Barbara said...

Nancy, I hope the weather clears up for you so you can go swimming. I haven't been on my blog much. I'm kind of taking the summer off. Your blog looks nice.


D said...

Love that Pat showed up on Father's Day with the blooming of the rose bush. The pictures came out fabulous!

Terri said...

Love the beautiful rose pics!

I hope your Dad doesn't fall anymore!

Enjoy the pool..I know I would be!