Saturday, September 26, 2009

Been a while..

Its been a while since I had been blogging. I just playing on Facebook for a while to just to get around on other internet website and playing their games. We got our pool closed Saturday. My nephews came and help my brother. Cheaper than hiring someone. Now the temps really cooling down. Supposed to be in the mid-50's all week. A little too cool. Can't wait to get winter clothes out. I have to go through some of my clothes and see if they fits. Since I had loss the weight, I have to make sure the turtleneck and long sleeves shirts fits. Otherwise I have to get rid of them. I am going to go back on my exercise and see if I can lose another size. Keeping fingers cross.
I got together with my friend Friday for lunch and hangout at her place and stayed for dinner. I told her we need to get together for a quite more often before the weather gets colder and snowed.LOL..
My folks are doing okay.Dad still hanging there. Mom is good herself. I got my grade back from the summer and my math went up..YAY! I still needs to get the reading up.. Still steady though. I am just hanging in there as long as I can. Maybe by Feb of next year it'll get there. I got this far and I am not giving up..Donna is doing good herself, she is going back to work this week. You can visit her blog and see if she upgraded herself. We'll this is it for now and everyone take care.


D said...

yeah on the grade :) You are doing great!!
love ya

Missie said...

Have a good week.

Hollie said...

You're doing good with you schooling...keep it up!! Good to hear from you!