Thursday, September 3, 2009

Keeping it simple:

I know i haven't blog in a while. I have been on Facebook and just learn to get around MySpace. I keep forgetting that I got an account with them. I have a friend who helped me on as well as I did to her on bLogger.
The weather been not so great for a week and a half. Our motor from the filter died and my brother replaced a part and a few days later the pump wouldn't work. So, in the meantime we ended up buying the whole new piece. Instead of gettiing two parts we ended up with the full one. The pool company said, "That they don't make them like that anymore." Anyhow the pool has been green for a week. Then the service guy came last Saturday and hook it up. Now the pool is clean as a whistle. I am so glad that my brother was here. At least he knew what to do. I don't know what if I do without him.(LOL) He does a lot of stuffs around our hose for Mom and Dad. Now, that the pool is set back and normal the weather starting to get warmer. Just in time for Labor Day Weekend. I was hoping the price was good too. Although I forgot, we got two parts in one deal. In the meantime,I have no idea what we are going to do this weekend. I guess it just play by ears and go with the flow.

Kids are back in school at my old neighborhood. It is odd. Very seldoms that the kids goes back to school before Labor Day. They usually starts the week of or the following. Good point though. I don't start back until the 9th.I think I'll go the following week instead. The class i am going to is a free Adult Education course for GED. I know I have my High School diploma, but my grades were low and since then I was in Special Ed because of my hearing. I am doing good at Math, but the reading that I am low at. Keep fingers crossed because I am not staying after this year. I got go back to work myself eventually. Keep fingers cross for that too..LOL.By the way I am on MySpace you can go here.So everybody have a good Friday or the weekend..Until next time..


Julie said...

Glad the pool is fixed. I wouldn't know what to do about it either. Good luck in school.

Hollie said...

I'm glad things are working good again with the pool. Have a great & safe weekend! You go girl- keep after your schooling

Hollie said...
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Missie said...

Sometimes I miss having our pool but then I remember all the hassles of parts breaking, green water, and I'm glad it's gone! LOL

Love your new background. I lover butterflies.

Enjoy your weekend.

Martha said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend! :-)

D said...

yeah Nancy it's good to have 'cabana boy' around. He does do a lot and we forget to give him credit sometimes. Ohhhh will be over later to lounge by that sparklin pool.. count on it!
love ya