Saturday, July 24, 2010

So much going on... Good summer so far..

It been a crazy summer. We had some hot then cold weather, now it is humid in the upper 80's. We had almost three weeks of 80's temps. I love it! Been in the pool almost everyday. We are expecting rain in the forecast. Just about everyday this weekend.
 In the mean time my Dad turned 80 end of June, we did had a party for him here at the house.We had just enough people. Glad the rain hold off that weekend,WHOOO! It was a pleasant day, not so hot and humid. During the week before it was up to 90's and very hot and humid. Thanks GOD that we had a good day for my dad's friends and family to come. Just about everybody made it.

 I bought some more flower for me garden, phlox flowers. There are two. Look like
its got a hole in it. They called it peppermint candy and I think it called Natascha's. It is taller than
its look. I also found out its change to another color. WEIRD! I try to google its and not much infomations.Anyhow, I still put the pansies in. Lovely yellow with brown center.

My brother picked these up. I think they called Thumberina.. Or Black Eyed Susan vines.They creep up the fence wall. They're pretty and different, I don't know if  I cared for them. I live with it..LOL 
I just got more to show and I love these roses that my by brother bought for his G/F. Pretty HUH?

I can go on with my flowers photos and I will continue with the next entry.

Its poured this afternoon and got a little break and now look like we're getting some more.UGH!
 Have A good weekend.



Hollie said...

Happy belated birthday to your dad! The flower pictures are beautiful! It's been in the 90s. I'm tired of ir & am so ready for fall!

Annesphamily said...

Wow! Lovely! You are always showing us some pretty treasure. You are one Pink Chick! Thanks for sharing today Nancy. Hugs Anne

Jan said...

A very Happy belated Birthday to your Dad Nancy ,I am so pleased the weather stayed fine for his Party ,Hope him and your Mum are keeping well ,how is Donna ?well I hope ,I love all your flowers ,the phlox and the black eyed Susan especialy ,I posted again recently pop over and have a read Jan xx

Martha (MM) said...

Happy belated birthday to your dad! Your flowers are beautiful :-)

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Nancy Sweetie...
What a beautiful share today. I love these candy striped flowers, they are gorgeous, and my gosh I really love these little black eyed susan vines. I would love some of those for my yard. I don't know if they could survive the heat here in Phoenix though.

You think your temps have been high, we were 117 in the shade yesterday. Lord has it ever been a booger this Summer. It just means we will be cooking Christmas dinner with the screens open. When we get the hot temps early as we did this year, we are in for a long Summer. When you all are having snow we will still be in Summer temps.

I pray you are having a beautiful Sunday sweet friend. I am off to do some laundry. Work tomorrow.

Country hugs and much love, Sherry

Missie said...

Beautiful pictures!

DB said...

Great pictures of your flowers, beautiful. But I envy you your pool.