Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day/ Presque Isle-Erie, Pa

 I promise to add some photos of Presque Isle in Erie Pa

Come here goosy goosy....

My sister Donna and I meet another fellow blogger Chris, some of you knew her and others don't. I never actually blog when AOL was in process as AOL Journal and since DOnna had the heart attack few years ago, she got me hooked up on blogger when AOL journal closed. Donn and Chris knew each other for a long time. LOng before I started the blog thing. They both are into PSP and animations. I just love it. They both did a good job. I try to learn but I am not patient with it. I rather do scrapbooking instead. So, in the meantime we did meet half way into Erie, Pa. It was only a 2 Hrs drive. We went on the tour boat and took some photos.Then we look at the light house and meet up with Chris's daughter and son in law to be. The couple are planning to get marry in a few weeks. WOW! We befriended with the two. We went for dinner and ended our conversations and headed home. It was a blast. Too bad the weather couldn't stay warmer and not so cloudy. That why I was looking for my old  photos so I could show you a better picture. I didn't bother taking more photos since I did the last time. Here is me with Chris

I went back into my archives and I thought I had the old photos in here. I must've deleted them. Here are some of my scrapbook pages I did at that time back in 2008.

PI scrap1

PI scrap2

Ok, I got to admit it that I misspelled Presque Isle as Pesque Isle. SOrry!

Until next time..


Missie said...

The pics of the lake are beautiful. Makes me wish I was there.

Jan said...

What lovely pictures Nancy ,and how nice to see Chris who as you say was with AOL when we all had a journal, give her my love wont you ? Jan xx

Jacqueline said...

What a beautiful place. I loooove your scrapbook pages. They are amazing. I haven't scrapbooked anything since I started blogging. Guess I better set some goals there.

Tete said...

Love your scrapbook pages!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Nancy: We sometimes drive up that way to go to the park and the casino. Love your captures at the park.