Sunday, September 5, 2010

Must be football season...

I went into my blog dashboard and saw something that my big sister made. She does awesome tags and she been begging the artist to make some hockey girls for tags too. Well , I think the guy is still working on it. So, she did made some tags for football, COWBOYS, BENGALS, STEELERS and still more to come. SO if you like football and want tags go to DONNA"S site at D's Designs and Others.Or simply click here. Thought you like to know. Be sure if  you visit her site and requesting the tag, give your e-mail address.  and just drop by and say hello..

Now it is pre-season and the BIlls lost their game Friday.. I hope they'll do well.

So  in the meantime I will be back for some more..
UNtil next time.

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