Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Friday Film Festival #5 is up at my other blog.

Please and come to my other blog and play along. My Entertainment Corner. It is open.
Please let a friend know and be sure to grab my button..
See you there.


Missie said...

Happy belated New Year!

May this year bring you lots of luck and love.

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Nancy: Love the new look on your blog. You look so cute. Have a wonderful New Year! Blessings dear friend. Martha

LV said...

Best wishes for the coming week. Enjoyed my visit to your blog. Thanks also for taking the time to stop by my place.

Tete said...

Hi Nancy! We could get more snow this Monday. I don't have as much as you, but still tired of it already. Ready for spring!
Thanks for reminding me about the song Pink Houses! I had downloaded it on my play list last week and forgot to move it to #1. So went in and did that as soon as I read your comment.
Stay warm- Tete