Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pretty in white


This challenge is "White on White" or simply...WHITE. Try to post something 95% white.
You will find samples of what I am looking for here.
Starts today and ends January 7th. You will have 1 week to post on your blog, come back here and add your link by clicking on the blue button below.

Okay, I completely forgot about this Challenge. I really didn’t got a chance to play around and look for some white other than my snow photos.




Okay, so I spilled it in here again.LOL. Thought it is a good choice'

for White in challenge.

Next two photos were from New Year Day.  Our local creek

breaking the  ice.




me elvis209 (2)


Okay, I had to throw this one in here, this is me as Elvis. His Birthday is the 8th.

I know, he is dead. Just saying.  I decide to leave it sepia for a reason. RETRO..

My mom is today, the 6th.

Yucca flower raindrop4



Yucca flower raindrop6


Yucca flower watered

chives flowers 2

I believe this is called Chives Flowers.

Okay, Please join in or check all the white at the Blogger’s Community Challenge.

Have a good week.


camera nancy


Tete said...

Love your whites! I heard on the national weather that there is more snow heading your way! Yuck!
We are having snow flurries tonight and tomorrow but nothing that will stick much.
I am just hanging out and healing up again. I do feel really good with everything that's going on. Doing PT twice a day and moving up to 3xs soon. I can stand without pain now!
Hugs- Tete

Rose~* said...

Enjoyed your photos - especially the snow and the stairs (your second one). Thanks for sharing!

MariesImages said...

I knew I have seen one of your photos already, thought you posted for this challenge, then I realized it must have been on FB. Great job, have a lovely selection of white images. My favorite in the first group is your last one...I also love the one you posted on FB.
Glad you were able to join in on this challenge.

❤Connie Higginbotham❤ said...

Love your white photos...and 'ELVIS'

gina said...

wow that's a lot of snow! and beautiful shots. love the flowers as well.

Debbie W said... certainly had a lot of snow to photograph!! :) I like your images of your local creek and the flowers.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Nancy..I love that shot of your steps covered in snow with only the railing showing..well done:)