Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Nephew.,,


Today I just want to play the computer other than going the blog or facebook and etc. So, all the scraps that I end up getting on the web as what they called freebies. I love most of them and the color are phenomenal. So, I end up making the tag to put on the blog and its gone on me..HELLO! make an actual card, and so I did.. I made two. One for me and my folks..You see one on top and here is the other one.


The first tag pages and characters came from other the tag came from same place except for background paper, ice cream, stars. You can get it from Barb be sure look for the sherbet kit.She add new one everyweek, be sure to use your manneers if you take any.

We are invited to my nephew's birthday Saturday night after dinner. During in the afternoon I will be going to my youngest niece's place to a party that sells spa's accessories. I think that'll be different other than candle and Tupperware and the lists goes on. In the meantime I will see D and I will post Sunday. EVerybody have a good weekend...


Hollie said...

Awwww, Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Missie said...

Happy Birthday Gage!

Joyce said...

Very cute cards Nancy. I'm sure the birthday boy loved them.
Hugs, Joyce