Friday, April 17, 2009

Just a little bit here and there..

Today, we (my Mom, Donna, and me) went to visit Dad at the therapy place and Dad is doing good. We'd been visiting just about every afternoon. My Dad have therapy in the mornings and at late noons. Anyway, we just visit him in the late afternoon. Yesterday we went in twice because big brother in my SIL invited us for dinner and we all went in one car and leaves my mom's car at the facility. It was awful sweet of them to do that to us and save little time by going out of our way to visit Dad. Thanks GOD that I have several siblings. I believe that my Dad might be home late in the next week or not. My other brother is having surgery on his foot. Another one of those days. That will be in my other post. It will be a rough week for Dad to come home for. I don't think he's ready even he thinks it is.
I got another weird story for you all. On Easter Sunday, my Mom and I had a minor car accident on the way to church. We were in the intersection and turning as while we were waiting for people to cross the street All of the sudden I look see if anyone was coming while mom was paying attention to pedestrians to cross. Just out of the blue the guy was speeding to catch the green light and ran right into the front of the passenger side of the car. I was on that side and NO INJURY FOLKS. Mom was a little on the upset side and I'm just shocked by what just happened. We are okay!! Thanks God! My Mom and I were never been in an accident before and it was a scary one too. We never made it to Church that day and we just went home.
Donna is doing good. She'll probably post later over the weekend. She probably have better days . Today she rode her exercised bike and rode 3.1 mi. That what I do when I do the walking dvd..I haven't in a while. I was going to do it this week, since the accident I want to take it easy before I sprang my neck and all..Well this it is for now talk to all soon and have a good weekend.
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Hollie said...

Prayers going up for everyone. I know the accident was scary! Thank God you both are okay! Looking forward to Donna's post! Have a good weekend!

D said...

yeah.. siblings are good :) love ya

Jan said...

How awful for you and your Mum ,it would certainly be a shock even if you didnt have any injurys apart from your poor neck ,I do hope that is ok now if not get it checked it could be whiplash and that can be nasty Jan xx

eilajean said...

Hi Nancy,

Wow!! I am sure glad you are OK after your accident. It sounds like you have a very full plate right now. I hope everyone is on the mend soon!



Missie said...

I'm glad your dad continues to do well!

I'm glad you and your mom were not hurt in that accident.

Hope you have a good week.

Gerry said...

That does sound like a scary accident, out of the blue! Those kind leave you feeling helpless. We have a lot of those drivers in Arizona who run and gun trying to make a light. A lot of news in this entry. About how people are doing. I have been reading Donna's entries. I am so glad to see her posting again and I am enjoying getting acquainted with you. I love the new header to your blog! I think graphic talent runs in the family. Gerry