Saturday, April 11, 2009

WE will be at my sister's for dinner Sunday. I was there today helping and stayed for dinner while my Mother visited my Father along with Donna. My Father is doing okay and but therapy made him tired. Tomorrow they'll bring him into a therapy faculty. It'll be closer than the hospital. This hospital is on the other side of the city, not the one that is near home. Therapy is about 15 min instead an half an hour.
Donna is doing good and feeling tired herself. She must not getting used to getting out and going everyday. She is a hoot! She like to help Mom out. SO, have a Blessed Easter Sunday..
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Missie said...

Have a nice tomorrow and tell Donna I say hello!!

Gerry said...

Thanks for posting. We are always interested in what is going on with you and the rest of Donna's family, and it is good to read that she is getting out and around. I hope your dad continues to do well.

ADB said...

Happy Easter to you all, Nancy

Hollie said...

Happy Easter to everyone!