Thursday, February 25, 2010

January sunset photos and misc.

♥Hello again.
I just came across these photos on my camera and since I didn't have the PC and internet connection. I took these just before we had our last blizzard in the second or third week of January. We also haven't see the sun all winter until that time. Now we had quite a few sunny days this month(Feb) and it was shining yesterday early in the day. I decide I'll post these now. We were supposed have a winter effect here in western NY and the storm really didn't come. I think it'll be here tonight going into tomorrow.:( ♥*(I still love the snow) That is my little icons..LOL.
I didn't go to school either. The road is slippery and my mom won't drive in these weather conditions. Oh well. It is free to go. I am not complaining. I just had that kind of day to goofed off.LOL. We are having homemade minestrone soup..YUMMY!:) Got to love comfort foods.
Everybody is doing fine. I feel like I have to get out eventually and I am so glad that I went to the pharmacy and school yesterday.
In the meantime enjoy your days and stay warm!



final sunset



Missie said...

Very pretty pictures. I love sunsets. We have blizzard conditions for tonight. I'm so ready for spring.

Jeanie said...

I love the one with the street light. That is evocative. Just lovely!
Here in the English lakes the snow has stayed high up on the fells. This weekend is supposed to brng snow and or gales.
It has been a loooong winter for all of us it would seem.
Jeanie xxx

Sonya said...

Wow pretty sunset. Your pics are very clear - you must have a really good camera. Hope you are having a great weekend.

nancy said...

Actually its a Sony regular small camera. Donna is the one who have an expensive camera. I was amaze how its turn out too. No special effect.with new pc I got a better enhancing in the photo shop. Just like Adobe. I Just use the one they gave me.