Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympics and etc.


Wednesday Evening:
I went downstairs after I signed off the PC and watch the snowboarding event. My belly went up and down like that feeling when you ride the roller coaster and meet the drop and you feel the tickle. Well, that how I felt when Shaun White did that high-jump. Needless to say, I think he did well and after the other competers didn't that when I knew he going to win. I think he was anyway. I got to tell that I never thought I would watch this event. I am mostly the Figures Skating,all categories.Men, women, and pairs.
Have any of you watch The Olympics Coverage?I haven't seen anybody post in a while or they just rambling about their daily lives.LOL
Thursday Evening:
I did watch some events in the afternoon too. I had to watch and see Evan Lysecak( I hope I spelled it right) lol. I sure had a feeling he was going for the gold or he would get silver. PHEW! He did.. I stayed up until 12:13 A.M. UGH! I never stayed up that late since the holidays.Okay, I am trying to catch up and hopefully I will go in on the Blogger's Challenge-TREE..I know I got a lot of autumn photos and I love the winter but since I move toward the city, I don't have no trees. That's okay, I don't want to rake those leaves anymore. I may have to go to a park to take photos. In the meantime,leaves are better.Especially colored♥
I can't believe we're in the middle of February already and it Friday and star our first Friday of Lent.
Mom and Dad are doing good as well as the rest of the family.My youngest niece stopped by today and she stayed and have cheese broccoli soup. YUMMY! It was nice to see her,we haven't seen her since the New Year. She is a busy beaver, school and working at a school.
well that all folks.Take care and enjoy the Olympics.

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Jan said...

Hi Nancy pleased you are enjoying the olympics ,What about the Brit Amy Fisher winning gold A? hope you are well, mmm that soup sounded yummy Jan xx