Monday, June 7, 2010

Where have I been? Blogger's Challenge and 200th blogs...

I am joining in on a challenge at my friend Marie.
This month's subject is color...but NOT just color. We want to see you create something special color-wise. Something your camera did not see. Something you saw in the photo and created in post processing.

There are a lot of ways color can be used:

1. Selective color...create a black and white or other monochrome photo with just a touch of eyes, a child's red jacket, whatever you choose, but make most of the image monochrome.

2. Play with the different color modes in your photo editing software. Create a duotone, or make a monochrome using something other than black & white or sepia.

You can post a colorful image... Can be of one color, 2 colors or MANY colors. You do not need any photo editing programs to join in.

This challenge is limited only by your imagination so get out there and IMAGINE COLOR!
So, please join in on the fun. You also will find the Bloggers Challenge button on my blog.

It has been so crazy here in NY. Memorial Day weekend was so busy and went by so fast. I did some gardening for my mother. I love it and I will show you the flowers next time. The little scrapbook page I did, that is the Azalea that I bought for my mother for Mother's Day. It is red. My brother help me put it in. I can't believe it's my 200th blog. where did the time go?
I was also helping mom with dad as well as my brother, he had surgery about a month ago. He can't wait to get the cast off and soon the weather get warm again he can use the pool..
Soon the weather gotten nice I skipped school and hang around the pool and put the flowers in the backyard, You'll see some of my Irises tbat my niece and NIL gave us. I uses that for the challenge.
 I don't have a right tool to do these in and I use photobucket instead. Just plain and easy. I hope this will do well.

My 200th blog scrapbook page. A little blurry, oh well..

Here is the original and I cropped it for the challenge.

Photobucket Here is a sepia and colorization that I did. I think I messed up somewhere..LOL..

The top one is an original photo and the bottom is the other challenge photo.. I love how its turned out. I love aquamarine blue.. I even picked this color our for my brother and SIL wedding, Since it was a rainbow wedding and I was a junior bridesmaid


The original..


Here is a sepia photo..

daffodiles sepia

I know I can go on and on with this color challenge and hope to see you over there..
Until next time..



MariesImages said...

Great job Nancy!!! I love the last one too, nice framing!! Glad you joined in, now we need to get your sister to join in...;), if she is up to it.

♥ Kathy said...

Those turned out really nicely! I'm glad you had a nice Memorial Day :)

J9 said...

I like the aquamarine image - a color you would not see in nature, but it looks very cool and gives the image an otherworldly aspect.

D said...

great job Nancy!!! Love 'em! I did see Marie's note too I really need to get back into blogging... soon I think :) love ya

Shelle said...

wow you pretty much covered them all...great photos...i like the b&w with the iris and the last sepia the best. I forgot photobucket did selective colouring.

My photo was an old dandelion.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Nancy: Best wishes with your challenge, have a lot of fun.

Rjet33 said...

Love them all, great job, Nancy!

God Bless,


Maria said...

Nancy, I think you did a very nice job. I need to learn how to do this. One of my daughter's friends has a setting on the camera that takes black and white photos and then colors in parts of it as she takes is to cool. She just happened on it by accident. I am going to learn. I love the effect. So glad that Marie gave us this challenge.

sunflowerkat321 said...

You clearly had a lot of fun playing with this challenge. You made some very cool images. My favorite is the last one. It feels so serene.

Vicki said...

Nancy, very, very creative use of color. I love your results for hte Iris, but the other photo is lovely as well. Great work!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Awesome Iris! It is fun to "play" with color sometimes:)