Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baking and shopping

I know it's while since I have written. MY mother and I went shopping the past week,baking some cookies and hopefully we'll get our wrapping done over the weekend.Oh, by the way, I had celebrated my birthday this past Sunday the 14th. I couldn't get on the computer for a few days. I don't actually own this one but my Father does. He love his toy alright.So, I couldn't blog as I wanted to. Hopefully I"ll get one for myself.Photobucket

We went out for dinner at a local place that have barbecue ribs and chickens. mmm!
Early that day we went to a local church and saw some Nativity scenes and they're beautiful! The pastor at the church have over 250 Nativities and the lady that was volunteering said he have more.Talk about a collection. The best part is, they're from all over the world. Did you think that I can resist not taking any pictures? Of course I did.I will show a few and put some in Smilebox greetings before the weekend.(fingers cross).

This is my favorite..
Photobucket still don't know where this one came from. The guy didn't leave alot of informations on a few of the Natavities.Stay tune..
There will be more and I promise.Please do not snag these are my photos, thank you. N


Jan said...

How lovely to have a collection of these beautiful nativitys ,I would love to see them ,I look forward to your pictures Jan xx http;//

Jan said...

P.S. I hope you soon get a PC of your own ,Thanks to your Dad for letting you use this one agen Jan xx

MISSY said...

Yummy.. COOKIES lol!

I love the pic. *M*

Terri said...

Hey there :)

Your blog looks so pretty and festive!! The cookies look yummy...


Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

I hope you can get those nativities in smilebox. I'd love to see them. I share a computer with my son. I'm the boss, though, because I paid for HUGS

Chrissie said...

I came from D's journal.
Well happy belated birthday. I also celebrated my birthday Sunday. Good people were born on the 14th I never heard of so many birthdays on this day.
My kiddos took me out for ribs so must be the thing.
I hope you can get your own PC soon. I got mine at Walmart for like $400 awhile back and has been a good one. Now I just need an external harddrive for all the PSP supplies.
I like your page it's all Christmasy.
Take care, Chrissie

Missie said...

Happy Belated Birthday!