Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas decorating


Yesterday we got some Christmas light up and the a lighted wreaths that we put on the front windows. There are three and one is in my bedroom. yeah you heard me. lol. we live in a ranch with an addition over the garage and that suppose to be the parents room along with walk-in closet and bathroom. We live here since last May. So, my folks gave me that room so they don't have to do the stairs.

We will do more decorating during the week or weekend. In the meantime I ran across some pictures for the Holidays, some are original cards and others what I have on the computer. So feel free to snag them if you like. Here are just a few.


Have a good day..


MISSY said...

Glad you got your lights up :)

Cute tags.

(((HUGS))) *M*

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Wow, your blog looks great! Love all the graphics and those snowmen are so cute. I haven't got a single decoration up. Glad you got some of yours up. I'm hoping to at least have the tree up this weekend. HUGS

D said...

glad you got the lights and wreaths up... will be over on the weekend maybe :)
love ya