Sunday, December 28, 2008


Just to let you know that I change my background and template.This way you can see the blog pictures better. I am still learning the new tool.I don't like the cutest blog on the block logo on my header.I do like their stuffs. It's should be in the right side of page.So the toolbar etc. on side are on the bottom. I'm just playing. Is there anyone know how can I keep full pics and those accessories on side? Let me know. Followers have to signs on the bottom of page for now.Thanks for your cooperation and understanding..


Missy said...

It all depends on what template you get. A background shouldn't effect your sidebar. A template will though.. *M*

Jan said...

Im like you Nancy ,still finding my way around ,keep at it you are getting Jan xx

D said...

Nanc.. find this is a good way for your pictures... no worries about the sidebar being on the bottom folks can scroll :)