Saturday, March 13, 2010

A birthday brunch and ramling.



Tomorrow(Sun) we are going to a birthday brunch and a St. Patrick's Day party as well. This is at a house where my sister Donna lives. Just for some of you thought you know that my sister Donna help me start blogging and putting my photos in here.You can go over her blog here. She does some great animations. So, if you read my last few entries and saw my header. I am going to wear that and along my folks and brother will wear those plastic hat and maybe the golfer hat that is green. I will post those photos in here when I get the chance.
I am going to get off and paint my nails green.LOL. Have a great Sunday everybody..


Tawnya said...

We are going to O'Mara's tomorrow for brunch. I love their brunch it is good and only $10. So, I am behind, it is your birthday right? Happy birthday kinda early in case I miss it. Sounds like you are getting ready for some fun...

Anonymous said...
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Jan said...

Happy Birthday Nancy ,I sure you will have a great time at Donna's house all wearing your St Patricks day hats and partying to all the lovely Irish music ,Maurice has loads but then he is Irish too , Jan xx

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Nancy: Have a great time for the celebration.