Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weather is warming up here in the Northeast..


It is warming up here in the NorthEast again..We haven't had great weather since the mid-90's.

THU High: 68° Low: 50°
Mostly Sunny
FRI High: 75° Low: 56°
Mostly Sunny
SAT High: 78° Low: 48°
Partly Cloudy
SUN High: 62° Low: 44°
Partly Cloudy

Done with school for now until the 14th. Maybe go shopping with mom for Easter erands. We Are having brunch here at my mon's place. I can't believe EASTER is here as well as spring. Yes, most of my family will be here. Donna came Monday after work and she is doing well. Just in case some of you didn't know that my big sister Donna is the one who got me into blog land. I haven't been in journal land. So, you can go to her wesite HERE! She does some great animations as the one is on top of my entry,and bottom,ain't they're cute? Thanks DONNA.
I want to say Happy Easter and enjoy your weekend. I will play the PINK SATURDAY so look for me there.



Missie said...

It's going to warm here for the weekend. I can't wait. We usually have ugly weather for Easter. I love Donna's creations. She hasn't made any for a while.

Jan said...

Cold weather is forecast here in the UK ,In fact they have had heavy snow in Scotland and northern Ireland ,Easter has taken me by surprise this year am just getting over Christmas hee hee , Donna emailed me the other day after I had used one of her graphics saying she must get back into it ,she enjoyed that ,but not as much as we did ,it is quite complicated I would think ,Any way dear friend Easter Blessings to you and yours ..with love from Jan xx

Jeanie said...

I am surrounded by snowy fell tops. (Hills)
I am hoping that is where it all stays and that it doesn't come down onto lower grounds. I live in the North of England and it has forecast a snowy Easter. Phah!

Donna makes some fantastic tags. She is so clever. I wish I knew how to do it but suspect I haven't got enough patience.
A Happy Easter to you. I hope you have a lovely holiday.
Jeanie xx

bj said...

Hi, Nancy, O, it was 92 degrees out here in West Texas yesterday and I worked in the yard all day.
Hope you get lovely weather before long.

You said I should use my today's post for Pink Sat., too....I have a special Pink Saturday post ready.
Be sure to come by...and I will sure come over to see your pretty Pinks on Saturday.
xo bj

♥ Kathy said...

I can't wait for's my favorite season :)

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

So glad to hear it's warming up for you Nancy! Here, it's raining and cold again.

Those little animations are so adorable!

Have a lovely Thursday!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Nancy Sweetie...
Happy Easter to you to sweetie. I love your Bunny hanging on to this little crocus. Cute as a bug. Love it.

We have been having upper 80's here in Phoenix, but today we had a little cool spell in the 60's. Now tomorrow we are back in the 80's. I love the warm weather. I do not like the cold at all.

Sounds like you, your Moma and your Sis are going to have fun doing a little shopping. Enjoy your time together.

Country hugs sweetie and so much love...Sherry


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Rita said...

Love the pink bunny in the window. Cute shot.

have a great week, Nancy.