Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Theme Thursday: Mellow Yellow

This week at Theme Thursday is Yellow Mellow.Daffy Chick Pictures, Images and Photos
So, come in and enjoy the yellow. You can go here or click on my sidebar and look for Theme Thursday.

Yellow Pictures, Images and Photos
Bunny and chick are from photobucket.
Here are my own yellow Photos..

I went here and....
I bought this cute yellow fabric..
Now its look more like a yellow fabric.

Yes, I had to bring this cleaning polish up..LOL
Be sure to stop at Theme Thursday to play along.
See you there!


♥ Kathy said...

Nice yellows :) I lol'd at the pledge even though it's one of my favorite smells :D

Brian Miller said...

yellow is such a happy color. happy theme thursday...glad you joined us. that first pic is so cute...

Jeanie said...

I liked the fabric once you were able to bring out its true colour. You did well with your yellow theme. I would never have thought of the Pledge pooish tin. Good thinking!
Well done!
Jeanie xx

Rita said...

Nancy, you posted some very impressive yellows. Love the posy on the doorknob.

I also like your new blog design. Very nice.

Have a great Easter. Hope your weather will be great.

PattiKen said...

Happy yellows! But all the colors on your blog are such happy colors. Thanks.

Mine is here.

Jingle said...

cute, joyful, and beautiful!

Jingle said...

here is mine,
Happy Easter!