Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More photos: March Sunsets

I took these photos tonight during dinner, my brother was cooking hot dogs on the grill and ran in and told us about this sunset. I grab my camera a took a few pictures. I think two were the same.Couldn't tell.
I hope everyone had a great weekend.Now the Olympic is over, just had to get back to reality. I did go to school. Class is filling up. about 25 students in class and today were 20.(Not everyday that we have this many) This is good news for my teacher.The more the students the better the credits she gets. Can't complain either. I do like the class half its size and it is eaier on my hearing. If she continue to grow the class,maybe they'll a new one. who know. Nothing change.I hope they'll look into it though. The school is a free GED program the state,it has basic subjects as Math, History,Geography,Science,and English. Mostly reading. Not like you had a Science class that you have Chemistry and Biology. UGH! Reading is better. I need that.
Everybody is doing fine. Mom and Dad are doing just as good. I do misses my sisters very much. I don't see them, like I used too. Where I used to lived, we were all in the same town. Now we're lived on the city-line. So, since the weather is goofy no ones come over. I really need to get out of the house. My brother and I did this afternoon and went to a local store near the drug store. I want to get something for St. Patrick's Day and I did. A hat and a sweatshirt. I will show you next week.
I am getting off and check up on some e-mails and etc.




Take care!

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Jeanie said...

Good luck on your course. I hope you enjoy it to the full. There is a lot to be said for arming ourseves with as much education as possible.
Good to hear you got out the house for a litle while. It's not nice staying in because of bad weather. It makes you stir crazy!
Beautiful photos.. the light has caught various objects in your neighbours gardens and added a sparkle to them. That was fascinating.

Jeanie xxxxx