Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day/Dinner at my sister's.


We are going to my big sister for dinner. My two nephews make homemade sauce. My mom, dad me and my brother are invited to go over there along with my other two sisters and their family.(I think the kids are coming).
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Heaven sent you a special gift,
And when we saw each other,
our lives were changed
When god arranged
To give me a special Mother.

As a child, when filled with wonder,
You embraced my every need;
You quieted my fears
And yu wiped all my tears,
Always planning a new love seed.

As I grew beyond my childhood,
My praises you'd often sing.
You loved and you shared
All my dreams and you cared,
While you gave me roots and wings.

Heaven sent me a special gift,
A treasure like no other;
My life's so bless,
I have the best
Of God's wonderous works called Mothers.
~Ken Brown

Wishing you all a nice Happy Mother's Day!



Annesphamily said...

Nancy enjoy that lovely dinner! What a glorious post! Happy Mother's Day to all!

Jan said...

What a lovely entry... enjoy your day with your Mum and all the family ,give Donna a hug from me love you ..Jan xx

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Nancy: A neat perspective on a special day.