Friday, December 10, 2010

Before and after.. Try something different.





I am so happy how my transformation turned out.

We had bought the cone heads for my father’s 80th birthday party.

So, it really suppose to be for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day presents from my sister K. I like how they look. So whimsy.. We had these stored on the wall in our garage next to the doorway when you come in. I just remember when I was in Joann’s Crafts Store and I saw these red branches hanging in the basket. I love it and when I turned around I saw these pretty white flowers. It bring it right out. I am so glad it did turned out nice.

I will post my Music Monday at my blog early. SO, come and play along with me. It will be Christmas music.Click on photo.


Or simply click here.

I will be seeing you.

Have a great weekend.


Ds Designs Dear Santa nancy



Donnie said...

They look so good Nancy. I've never seen something like that but I'm not much of a shopper. I love the first one with the "old Lady" glasses on. Too cute.

Jeanie said...

Thanks for calling by my Blog Nancy. I hope you are able to take part in the challenge.
I loved the plant pots! What a great idea!

LV said...

Everything you shared today is very pretty and bright. I love the one about the wise men the best.

Rebecca said...

I haven't seen these before-they're really fun!