Monday, December 13, 2010

Through the years.....

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Once upon a time Baby Heaven is looking for a good home for this little girl. Jesus ask his father "Is this the family we want to send her to?" Father said,' Yes, let send her." So they did..
Here I am having another birthday with my precious family. I love them all dearly and my friends too.

This is my 1st grade photo.

I was in 3rd grade in this photo.

This is my Senior year photo.

Yes, it is my birthday. I hope we won't get snowed in.. We are expecting a few inches but it is going to be very cold. In the low 20's . Now it is about 7 degrees. BRRRR I can feel it now.. I am used to our cold winter but I don' t like it when it is too cold. Chilling to the bones. I know you can feel it reading this post. Your spine starting to shiver.. We'll stay warm as much as possible. We might go out for dinner but I have a feeling we won't. (keeping fingers cross). Otherwise we have to play by ears.

Like my big brother said, "YOU pray for this snow didn't ya?' I said, "NO". LOL. I used to ask for it. I think I asked too much a few week ago.

Have a blessed Tuesday.. Stay warm!




Tete said...


Hope you have the best time and get to go out to eat! You could order pizza's an idea...
Hugs- Tete

Rebecca said...

Hi Nancy-how cool we share the same birthday! You'll have to stop over and seem my birthday post later! I hope you do exactly what you want today and have a wonderful time! I hope to go antiquing with my hubby! Happy Birthday to YOU!

Jeanie said...

Happy Birthday Nancy!

I hope you get out to enjoy it and that you don't get too cold during the cold weather you are having.
Enjoy your special day! Special Lady!


Jeanie xxxxx

egtara said...

Happy Birthday

Donnie said...

Happy Birthday Nancy. If it makes you feel any better it's 45 degrees in Central Florida. We woke up to 27 degrees. Wonder where the global warming is?

Rita said...

Happy Birthday

Sending you all the best that wishing can bring. Hope you had a wonderful day.