Friday, January 16, 2009


Yes it is cold here in Buffalo, NY. As the temperature drops and the wind chill in the minus digits and teens. Now it is snowing and blowing. Today, I just did a little typing. I don't type but, I'm practicing how to though.
I am going back to school/I hope. I am taking like a ged program and it's free here in New York. I had been in special ed and I did have my diploma and When I went to sign up for a course they told me that I had to get my grades up. I did get my grades up in math and the instructor told me I did well and ready to move to the next level. Hurray! Do,I was rewriting the math terms vocabularies such as angles that they use in geometry. So, I didn't go to school Tues, because of the storm. So, when my teacher said on Wed, that some of us have not have the note and I said I do and I thought I typed it in Microsoft word. THen what? no I didn't. I do have it on the pc and when I got home, I must deleted its. Anyway, I practice more typing and retype the informations from my old notes.

Anyway stay warm and have a good weekend.


Missie said...

My fingers don't want to even type since it's so cold outside! LOL

Have a good weekend.

Missy said...

Keep going to school! I wish I could have the chance to go back to college. I don't see it in the near future though :(


Terri said...

Way to go , going to school!

Best of luck