Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Mom's Scrapbooking Pages

Sunday evening we went to my sister to celebrate my mom birthday as well as my brother in-law. They both share the same birthdate. Anyway there were finger foods such as pizza, wings, soup, chili and the list goes on. So I find a website that called scrapbookflair. They have some cool scrapbooking layouts and they're free to download all that I know. I chose a winter theme for birthday, since my mom's and brother's birthday in January. So I hope this work so click onto website I only have two layouts. So enjoy!


Just Bill said...

Nancy, great job on the scrapbook.
Mom is looking good, How old is she?
Has Donna ever told you I am in love with the Bug. She is precious. Is she a good child?

Missy said...

I enjoyed the pictures. *M*

eilajean said...

Nice scrap pages. Congrats on the 25 #. I would walk more around here, as we have a large drive that would make a great track - but I am so chicken (affraid of Mountain Lions and Bears). It is a fear I need to get over one of these days. Enjoy the little cake... just not too often. LOL

Have a super fantastic day!