Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mini Page

Hello again, today I was in Julia's blog and she got some real cute jokes it out!
Anyway I was going to do the same thing. When I got to read her journal jokes I laughed because I was planning doing the same thing. Much be something in the air.So I thought this'll be good. It was in our local paper and it's a theme of the day kind.

joke #1
Tim: Why did the clock get bored?
Theresa: Because it had too much time on his hands!

joke #2
Thomas: If you smashed a clock, could you be convicted of a killing time?
Tara: Not if the clock struck first!

joke #3
Tina: If John has 15 cents and Jim has 10 cents, what time is it?
Tammy: A quarter to two!

Get the theme ? The people names starts with the lettet T like the letter t in time..


Missy said...

Those were cute. :)


Lori J said...

Hello there Nancy, from Alberta Canada
Thank-you so much for stopping by my journal.
I do not think I have enjoyed anything this much for years except maybe when I was a kid and we had "penpals" but those letters took forever to be received.