Sunday, January 18, 2009

Playing around..

A few weeks back I was playing with some photos that I have on the pc. I did not took these pictures but I playes with the pro shop.Thought I show them off. Once I figure out how do mine, I'll post them. So,here it. Have a good night. Nancy

angel island bubbles

angel island tiles


Missy said...

I really like the first comment.


Jan said...

At least you have the courage to try ,I wouldnt know where to start lol Jan xx

Allison Evans Brown said...

Hey Nancy. Thanks for writing!

The kits are available that I made the layouts with, but not all are free, you need to contact the designer (or look at their blog/store) to find out. That kit that I made the layout with that you're referring to is not free, but it's incredibly inexpensive if you want to get it.

Have a good week!

Sherry said...

Cool, you might make Striped Delight Cake for the Super Bowl party. Let me know how did it come out for you. Hope you and your family enjoy it.

I'll try keep blogging. I did put a picture of Me & Mark in it from the New Year's Party in my profile. I will post some more soon.

Have a nice evening.
Hug Hug, Sherry.