Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tags and Snags

I been away from the pc for a few days and when I was on, I read other's blogs and playing for some pictures that I scrap.
Anyway, yesterday my parents got Dr's appointment and I got a chance to make brownies and cleaned the house, even the kitchen floor. Can't get anybody out long enough to do anything. So, I did it. I'm sure that we all do it and when something needs to be get done, we go ahead and do it. Mom and Dad are doing good. ON the other hand,I'm sure that Donna is doing good too. I haven't heard from her for awhile.Except she talk to my mom. I know she's working from home and she can be on the pc for so long. I love her tag she made and the food challeng/strawberries and berries.
So, here some of my Snags and Tags. IF you want your name on it please verify the title so I know what I'm giving out. Someone request something from me and I have a few things out and she/he did not give me title.So be sure you do and thank you.


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Missy said...

I'm glad Donna is okay. I think about her often. Those are cute tags. *HUGS*