Sunday, February 1, 2009

Blogger's Community HEART

PhotobucketHEART Challenge starts today & ends February 12th. There are 2 parts, you are welcome to do 1 or both, your choice. No Poll on this challenge, it's just for fun.

1. Take a picture of a heart.
Could be something that is in a shape of a heart or small objects making the shape of a heart, a man made heart, not human.....
2. Paint a heart, draw or sketch a heart, color a heart. Be creative.
Must be colorful, or just use color, no B&Ws on this one.
Remember, You will need to scan or photograph your heart.



I Try to not have a shadow in background, so I use my lattice shelf to avoid it. I Don't KNow how it'll look but I hope these size will work.Picture should be in color not B&W


Linda's World said...

Oh I love that pretty little heart bottle. I'll have to check around the house & see what I have in the way of a heart. Linda in Washington state

Missie said...

I love it. I have problems with shadows also and have been trying different things to stop it.

Maria said...

Heart bottles are very nice. I have two plain ones that I love but they just sit on the shelf...I keep thinking I will find a practical use for them..but not yet...maybe as flower vases..:) Nice entry! Maria

MariesImages said...

Very Very nice Nancy!!!

Missy said...

Perfect hearts. Very nice. *M*

Krissy said...

I like them . You did really good :)