Sunday, February 8, 2009

Scrappin' Tags

I'd been so into my scrapping from the digital world. I found several sites and some of them have freesbies. I decide to play around and do some valentine's header.IF you like one please verify what you like because I have a few and please request by the title. I am not animating them they're scrap and just plain and simple. I may not get anything out of just for fun.







IT just gone on me that last one don't have my name signature and it doesn't matter it's not like it is a photo thing. So feel free to snag the last two.

TOday I'm gonna hang around and maybe do my homework/enlish...ugh. My mom cooking roast purk and I maybe come back on later so, have a good day.


eilajean said...

Hi Nancy - I like the "Live Laugh Love"... but then, that is one of my favorite sayings. How nice to live in Buffalo - Niagra Falls is amazing. I went to the canada side a long time ago and just loved it! We had a great time. My friend and I would stop and take people's family photos. It is always sad when Mom or Dad has to take the pic. I like it when everyon can be in the photo... especially someplace like that. That was our "Random Act of Kindness" - back before it was a concept. Have a great day Nancy!


Lori J said...

Hi Nancy, Thank-you for stopping by my journal
I am going to try and attempt getting rid of the extra photo
Daughters just forward me close to 300 they all took.

Hope you had a blessed Sunday


KrisG said...

Hi Nancy! Thank you for stopping at my blog and leaving such nice comments! I love to scrap but don't have the confidence yet to think I do them good. You are such an inspriration to keep scrapping! I love your tags, though I am not a collector. I have saved the mail with your comment so I can have time to go to scrap-flair later to see your creations. Have a great day and keep up the great work!!

Jazzy said...

Just wanted to pop in and say hello and to thank you for visiting my blog..I sure hope you will drop by again soon..Jazzy

Jan said...

Hey Nancy you are getting clever ,Ilove the first one although they are all nice clever girl Jan xx

eilajean said...

Hi Nancy - thank you for the address for the website with the challenges. I may have to throw my hat into one or two challenges one of these days. Right now, I am just trying to gather all my images into some level of sanity. Today, I decided to start scanning some slides. That could take a while.

Have a great day!