Saturday, February 7, 2009

Micro close-up Bloggers Challenge

Macro is Close-up Photography
In this Challenge we are looking for Close-up or Macro images.
It is capturing something, usually small, at a close range, & seeing things at a different viewpoint. You can use a macro lens, macro settings...or just get as close as you can, but make sure your subject is in focus.
The challenge starts today & ends on Thursday, Feb. 12th @ 9PM EST. Please remember to follow the GUIDELINES. Poll will start on Friday, 13th.

It is important that your image be in focus, have good lighting, & good composition, also color should not be washed out, unless you want that look.

I had these photos from my early blog. HOpe these work.




MariesImages said...

Very nice, Nancy
Flowers make a perfect subject for close-ups, lovely color~

Missie said...

Great pictures!

D said...

great choice :)
love ya

eilajean said...

Where is the link to th challenge?


I also saw that with the heart challenge - there is no place to enter? I am very confused - but, that is nothing new.

Eaglesbrother said...

Nice photographs...aren't flowers just great!!!


Missy said...

You did a wonderful job on this!


Elisabeth said...

Nice job...images are lovely.

Vicki said...

Nancy, flowers are perfect for closeup images...this is beautiful!

Carol Patterson said...

Very nice! What kind of flower?

Nice shto-Carol