Friday, October 1, 2010

Pink Saturday: Breast Cancer Month ; Are you wearing pink?

I am joining in for a cause !
This month is honoring those who are aware of Breasts Cancer.

Are you wearing your pink? I am right now?

I took this photo last night and its look like a cyclone rainbow.


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Yep, this me. I did this photo on facebook too. Go pink!
Thanks Donna for the photo. This was taken at my great
 niece's birthday party in August.


resize supporter



I got this tag from my sister Donna. You also see one on my sidear from her from a few years back.

Do you know any celebrities who have Breasts Cancer? I can only think of three.
Ann Jillian. From Tv Sitcom "It's A Living' and her own story.
Ann also did alot of guest appearances on Touch by an Angel
A few Lifetime movies.You can read more here.

Another favorite is Olivia Newton-John. You can hear the musics that I am playing.

She got a new CD out too. Click on the picture and I believe it'll take you there.
I always like Olivia musics and her playing Sandra Dee in Grease. My

Christine Applegate: We known her from "Married with Children" as Kelly Bundy.
 He also statted in the ABC sitcom "Samantha Who".


Be sure to hop over and find a cure with all of my pinkie friends
at Beverly's at How Sweet the Sounds.

You can go to Donna's site this week for this tag.
 If you do, be sure to leave your
e-mail address if you want the tag.
Have a great weekend everyone.



Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie...
I love this post. An awesome job. Yes Christina Applegate is expecting too I understand. What an awesome gift from heaven after going through breast cancer.

Thank you again sweetie for the share. I always enjoy my visits here. Have a gorgeous Saturday. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

Missie said...

I'm a strong supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness.

My mom battled breast cancer twice. My grandmother had breast cancer when she died. She didn't die of the breast cancer though. My great Aunt also had breast cancer so it's very, very likely I will also battle breast cancer.

Awareness is the key!

Thanks for posting the tags.

Donnie said...

You put so much work into this and it shows. I enjoyed it very much. Happy Pink Saturday.

Rebecca said...

Love how you turned yourself pink-great post!