Monday, October 11, 2010

Went to the country yesterday..

We went to for a ride out in the country. The weather was just beautiful and pleasant.
I really didn't take any pictures out there because I did in the past. You can see some photos
from my 2008 archives. My folks did had a good time. I bought several pumpkins and including
cinderella pumpking. Got to love the feel of fall or autumn.We came home early than we expected and dad was getting little uncomfortable.
  My mom and I went shopping with big sister M at Kohl's on Friday. I bought Almost $200 dollars in
clothings. I love it!.. Got a few regular long sleeves t's and two pairs of jeans. One is eggplant. I never bought colored jeans in my life, I also found some longsleeves shirts to match as well as a sweater. I actually wore for church Sunday except the jeans which I ended up wearing my dressy black ones instead.  We also went to Red Robins for lunch. I can't get over how pricy they are. My mom ordered the rootbeer float and the waitress came back with refills and my mom laugh. She didn't ended up drinking the second one and we brought it home for dad. He love that stluffs and can drink it just about everyday..LOL.

So, here are some photos I took of the front house.



This grass we were cutting back and thought looks great for decorations. Love the effects. Some of them I cut and bring in the house and put it in the jug. Looks great. I will post that soon. The photo above is the front door. Can you see the witch? She really doesn't look so great in the photo. (Rt side of porch)

Bought some ghourds.. I LOVE these. Will great on the dining room table.



Have a good day..

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Tete said...

I am so glad that you had such a fun weekend! Isn't it nice to find clothes that you just love?
Love the grass in front of the house. I have thought about growing it but never have. Maybe something new to get next spring.
Love your little ghourds. I got some this weekend, too! The warty ones are my favorites!
Thanks for sharing- hugs- Tete