Friday, October 9, 2009

Driving me crazy...

The last few days we haven't got any internet connections. I wondered why? I told my Dad that the computer is having problems. HE went on yesterday and couldn't get on either. I told him I think the moderm isn't workin. SO, My folks call the phone company and the guy came in this morning. FInally! We are back online. YAY! I got admit it that I was going through a withdrawal. I could not imagine living without our PC world.LOL.. ANyway my mom and I went grocery shopping with big sis. It was nice to get out of the house. Soon we got out of the store it was raining in the misty kind of way. It was so gloomy looking too. I am glad it was misty than downpoured rain like Cats and Dogs. Now tonight it is raining. At least I got somewhere to go. I am going to keep it simple so everyone have a good weekend.

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Julie said...

Mine was broke down for 2 weeks once. I about died. I had a online shop at the time, had to check my sales at my sons.