Friday, October 30, 2009

More Halloween photos.Mom's update...

Here me and my girlfriend as Medievel/Renassiance lady.

A while back I promise to post some of my photos without being on the scrap page layouts. As some of you follow me on FB, you already saw my photos. I can't believe it is Halloween already! That mean Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here soon. NOt tOO soon..LOL

My Mom is doing good and even better. She went out for lunch twice this week,actually yesterday and today..Perhap she really needs to get out with friends. My big sister and niece were here this morning to take my brother to the Dr. They went shopping while waiting for him to be done. Yesterday was my eldest niece's birthday and she is 30. I remember being that age..LOL. DO YOU.


Anyway everyone have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Thank you Donna for the tags..

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