Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween rainbow

Just before dinner. It was so weird like Halloween itself. It was raining and shining at the same time. I just load some photo on the camera and soon I walk in the living room I notice the sun was still shining. I grab my camera and headed to the door. I saw a huge rainbow. I couldn't get the whole thing in. Anyway I got the split photos. The one with the house and the rainbow over the bedroom.(LOL,SHHHHH! That is my bedroom). I think I got a pot of gold in my room..LOL. As you can see there is a second rainbow in the left of that photo and the colors were vise verse.

Anyway everyone have a good Sunday.


Sonya said...

Pretty pics....rainbows are special as it shows of God's promises...and reminds us to keep our faith!

Maria said...

It is do have the same rainbows we have here in