Friday, October 16, 2009

Lunch,shopping,and hanging out:


Today my mom was on the phone with my big sister(The eldest of us five girls). We went out for lunch and Dad came alone too. As we were sitting my oldest niece and nephew in-law showed up at the nick of time as were be seated. So, we end up getting a bigger table. There were six of us. They all had open chicken souvlaki, my NIL and I had something different, I ended having turkey with apple and brie sandwich and he had some kind of sub. I can't remember seeing that on the menu. OH well. We all had a good time and just came home.
Dad needed to sit in a comfortable chair. As we were driving home Mom had to stop at a local dept. store to find a rain coat. I can't believe that we can't find rain coat as much as we did in the past. UGH! I was looking for a regular winter coat that not so bulky. I hate the new styles they're carrying. Ugly and for girls only kind of style. Get real designers. Us older woman don't want to dress like our teenage daughers. Sorry ladies, I know some of you have some. Everything from tight to babydoll and almost semi-nude clothing today. Mom and I agreed on one thing. Got to get away and buy clothes. We usually find some out of town. That what I miss most.
In the meantime everybody is doing good and including Donna herself. I haven't seen her since last Sunday at my siste's place. So, have a good weekend. Off for now.

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