Friday, March 6, 2009

Cleaning Cleaning and more cleaning.


Today I went to my BIL house and clean. I promise him for weeks and last Thursday I came down with the cold then I was going to go Monday and I didn't feel any better. Now I am better. Uhh! I had been cleaning my sister and BIL house for years. I didn't mind because I do love to clean as long it not mud, slime and grease..lOl. So, when my sister passed few years ago, I told my BIL that he need any cleaning, I am here. I know he have two daughters and one is married and the other still lives at home. They were always busy bodies and I don't mind as long as no one else ask me to continue to clean their house.
Its all started when my formal neighbor had her second child and the Dr. told her to stay off her feet. I did made good money from her and her husband. So, my sister offer me as much one a few dollars off and that also included the drive fair. I don't mind and it was fair, because she would drive me back and forth to work. In the meantime, my bottoms are killing me because was cleaning his kitchen's cupboards and floor. No, I didn't get on my knee and scrub a dub. I also did his bathroom too. He had one of those jacuzzi bathtub that you can die for. I got to get in there and relax myself in One of these days I will.
My Mother isn't feeling so great herself. She had the cold before me and still have it. Also, her hips are bothering her. I feel so bad and I got home just in time for dinner so I can continue cooking while she sat in front living room and watch tv. My Dad isn't so great himself, his knees are bothering him as much as his hips. So, Mom kept a simple meal cream of tune over toasts with peas..YUMMY.. I love peas.. My BIL love its too. I wish I could have them over too.

In the meantime I'm heading off and everybody have a nice weekend..


LYN said...


D said...

love the new colors and set up. Glad you got over to clean.... sure you don't want to do it for everyone? Could be a good income. LOL
love ya

Jan said...

Well done cleaning for your BIL It must be such a help to him ,..your blog is looking good Jan xx

Debbie said...

I'm glad you're feeling better and I hope your Mom and Dad are feeling better too. I don't like cleaning, lol. My sister cleans houses and loves doing it. I like peas too.