Wednesday, March 25, 2009


OH YEAH, It is that time again. Thursday is Donna's Birthday. We invited her over for dinner tomorrow along with my other big sis.. I don't know who else will show up as her son and his g/f. Maybe they'll come over later. Donna always loved Chinese foods that my father make.As long as I can remember she have this for her birthday. She likes Chinese and I like Mexicans. I love Mexicans foods as long since the early-mid 80's at the Old Town San Diego, Ca. The a restaurant opens years later called"CHI- CHI's". Now they're closed and TGIF took over. I can't even get the same foods like Chi-Chi's got. Even Chili's and they closed too where from I live. I got to go to the other side of town to get there. Of course Applebees another on of my favs restaurant.

Donna is doing good and she got her staple/stitches off and she doesn't feel as much pain as she did. I'm sure it'll pass by. Taking day by day. I am glad she's getting around and she said, "That next week she'll be able to drive again" and that's a good sign too. I can't wait and she'll be out of work 'til May 5th. I told her that I got two weeks off from school over Easter and maybe we'll do a little shopping or just walk around a little bit. So, there you go for my big sister Donna and I'm off to do my homework. Take care and GO over to Donna's site and leaves her some love or just put it here.
The birthday tag I made is from here look for sherbet and she got other stuff too..Some of her stuffs may not be availables so check it out and have a good night.


Joyce said...

I love Chinese too. What time should I be there? LOL. Happy Birthday Donna. Good news that she is getting around so well.
Hugs, Joyce

Linda's World said...

Thanks for the info...I'll go wish her a happy day. Linda in Washington

SILVER said...

i like your post on the quote on Sunday.

enjoyed my visit today!

FrankandMary said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to Donna.
I am glad she is having the dinner with you :-).~Mary

D said...

Thanks Nancy.... I'm so looking forward to din-din.. no one makes sweet and sour pork like Dad.. NO ONE!!! See you later 'lil sis and thanks for keeping everyone informed.
love ya

Gerry said...

Thanks for reminding us it is Donna's birthday. You have done a good job of keeping us up to date until Donna is back to posting again. I am so glad she is feeling better I like your blog. It is very charming. I will check her blog out.

MariesImages said...

Thanks Nancy!!!

Gayla said...

((Happy belated birthday to Donna))
Chinese if one of my favs too-love it!
You've lost and I gained..LOL Good for you, that's awesome! I really don't mind gaining a few pounds here and there, as long as it doesn't get out of control. And I've never been one to watch the scale-I pay attention to the way my clothes fit and how I feel.
Your tags are awesome Nancy-great job!
Huggers, Gayla

Barbara said...

Nancy, I agree with you...Mexican food is the best! Your birthday layout for Donna is beautiful.