Thursday, March 5, 2009

St. Patrick's Tags.

I was just learning how to use other tools on this blog.I forgot those picture and video icon on top of edit html/compose. Anyway I didn't resize my tags and left them as is. It is 80% and I don't know how it'll effect the picture quality. Let me know if you snagged and give it a try. Feel free to take. I will put more up if its does work.There are two one is on the bottom.
Today, I'm going out for lunch with my folks. They usually get together with other people and since it is Lenten, they don't mind if I came. So, we're going to Red Lobster. Its looks like a beautiful day here in Buffalo. It is in the heat wave of 40Degrees. What a relief. I'm feeling a little bit better. Getting over a cold and it'll feel good to be out. So, I will post later and have a good Friday! Nancy

Papers and designs from CJS Creations. Link is on the bottom of my blog page.

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