Friday, March 13, 2009

Some Snags


The other day when I went for lunch with my b/f we stopped at a local store and we saw these shirts. I thought Hmm. I can do that, and I did. Here are two and one is my second header.I had to make one for the Italians too. SO, enjoy.



Haven't seen Donna yet and hoping soon. She is out of ICU and into the outpatient/impatient area. This sounds like good news. She was asking about me when she talk to my mom this morning. She sound tired and still in pain. So, a long story short I haven't got any clue what really is going on.



PS I got the pages and elements from CJS CREATIONS.THE Italian one I made, the elements is from my pc. Creating Keepsakes Designs

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Missie said...

The little updates we get from you regarding Donna are so appreciated.

Enjoy your evening.